Happy Birthday Simon

Can’t believe it was 40 years ago on November 29 that my son Simon was born in a little country hospital in Mission, B.C. We were the first family to have the father present in the delivery room in that hospital, and I had to talk the doctor into it. He was skeptical about natural childbirth, too, but sat by my bed the next morning and congratulated me for doing a good job without drugs. Forty years goes fast. I’m proud of who my son is. He’s a good person with a kind heart, who looks deeply into things. He loves being in nature, and has had quite a bit of experience going out to sea, flying around in helicopters and small planes, and exploring terrain that many people will never see. Wish I had been a perfect Mom. perfect mom Wish I could protect him from life’s bumps and jolts. Not always possible. He just got a new job – started yesterday. Auspicious timing, I’d say…new beginnings. Life begins at 40. life 40I can still remember when I was that age, and it doesn’t seem all that long ago, actually. The main thing is, he seems pleased with the new job, and a little excited. It’s a nice company with quite a few people his age. He’ll get to go to different locations around British Columbia and use a lot of the varied skills he’s acquired over the last 20 years. Considering what many people are experiencing in the “job market”, I feel like he’s lucky to find this job – or more precisely, the company is lucky to find him and his unique set of abilities. Time will tell. My heart is full, and I wish him luck, and for happiness to find him all of the days of his life.mom and work Work is an important part of life, and whether we find our true calling early, or spend a lot of time dreaming of an ideal job and never quite finding the work we love, it’s almost certain we’ll all spend a good deal of time working. Guess it’s always a good idea to keep a sense of humor about it. Speaking of work, I worked late at the office today, which is why I’m typing this blog close to Midnight. I know Simon won’t really like it that I’m blogging about his birthday and how wonderful I think he is – it wouldn’t be cool, but then what are moms for if not to be uncool? I love you Simon…heaps and bunches!mom says I'm cool


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  1. Congratulations are in order for you, too Kristin! And look how lovely he turned out!! Sent a card on his b’day so it will be late, but we were thinking and speaking about him all day. It’s also Jane’s dad’s b’day you may remember. I recall holding him just after Xmas when I stayed with you, sewing my three piece houndstooth thriftshop suit in preparation for my charter flight to London via Bangor. How innocent those times were. But we’ve all followed our own paths and Simon is doing so too. Never forget that in spite of the challenges and sometimes regrets, we have all remained close and loving – a rarity we should all be proud of as well as grateful for. We are lucky, but we helped make our own luck as well. Happy birthday to you Kristin! Love, K

    • Dear Kraig, How surprised I was to see your comment on my blog…You’re not usually keen on social media…but thank you. Yes, I remember the photo of a very young you and a tiny Simon taken outdoors. Those were long ago times, and they go by so fast. Yes, I am grateful that we’ve all stayed close. Want to learn how to scan on my printer so I can post some of those old photos – just for fun! xxx Love

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