The Carol Singing Sea

It’s the Second Chrismas Day in Scandinavia – the Day of the Wren, or St. Stephen’s Day, according to Wikipedia. Sounds ever so much nicer than Boxing Day to me. This Christmas season has been quite wonderful, and, as usual, after all of the hullabaloo, it’s the Second Christmas Day when I really begin to notice the beauty of the time. seascape Fort Bragg CAFor weeks I was apprehensive about what the season would bring, and worried about what I would do and how I would catch up with all of my tasks, both at work and at home. I watched only one holiday movie (if you don’t count Bell, Book, and Candle at the very beginning of the month.) I talked to my son Simon for hours on several consecutive days leading up to Christmas Eve…that was a special treat. We shared memories, and insights about our lives and Christmases past and future, and tales of his friends’ kids and their antics, and his new favorite Italian coffee shop recently discovered in his current home town, Prince Rupert. He’s so happy in his new job, and I am grateful that he feels appreciated, and also appreciates the new people he is working with. He’s spending Christmas with his Dad in Hazelton, B.C. and with friends he’s known since he was a small boy. He started his Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, and it sounded like he was enjoying the season. That made me feel very happy. BarrelsI took these photos on Christmas Eve. My friend Martine invited me to join her and her boyfriend Jason at Pacific Star Winery, which is on the coast just a few miles from town.
It was 63 degrees that day, and sunny. We sat outside at a picnic table and shared a bottle of wine. The sea was gorgeous and the sun was setting as I headed home. (On the 23rd, I had been at a party at my hairdresser’s friend’s place, and sat in a hot tub in the cold night, with a fire burning in the fire pit nearby.) The evening of the 24th my friend Patricia, her husband Rich and I went to the Christmas pageant at Evergreen Methodist. Patricia took videos of our friend Amanda’s little girl Chloe being an angel. Then Christmas Day, we had Christmas dinner at Noyo Harbor. We went at 3:30, and left again just as the sun was setting. Today, I organized my art room (with hopes that I might actually do some art in the coming year), and almost got started on my Christmas cards. But not quite, because I decided to write this blog instead. I still have to bake scones, but I’m not too far behind, and I’m listening to Dylan Thomas and A Child’s Christmas in Wales. I’ve also taken up knitting again after 37 years this December. Simon may get something knitted for Chrismas next year.Chloe angel


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